Hyderabad Global Visa Services (Experts in obtaining visas for all countries)

Obtaining visas for different countries may take any where from one day to over a month. Visa Counselors of Hyderabad Global Visa Services are thoroughly trained in getting long term visa for your business and tourist visas.

Most of the consulates follow the below rules for issuing visas.
(Passport with minimum 6 Months validity, Photos in White Background with size of 35×45 mm Matte finish Photographs & Glossy Finish photos, IT proof for 6 to 12 months, Personal Bank Account Statement & Business Bank Account Statement, Hotel & Flight Booking details and more..) The Hyderabad Global Visas Consultants  have professionals visa counselors on 24×7 Phone Helpline to know more details about obtaining the visas for different countries you can call on +919866021265, For document requirements and other details you can also send email to info@hyderabadglobalvisas.com

US Visa -: USA Application Form Filling & Assistance in Hyderabad.. (Documents Required Passport, Bank Details, USA Invitation, Business or Work proof and more.. The applicant have to visit the US Embassy as per the appointment date and time for obtaining the visa.

UK Visa -: Application Form Submission & Assistance service (Documents Required Passport, Bank Details, Tourism Booking/Business Invite, Photos, Work proof and more.. Note – The applicant have to visit for the finger print proof.

Schengen Visa -: Application Form Submission & Assistance service.(Documents Required Passport, Bank Details, Tourism Booking/Business Invite, Photos, Work proof, Travel Insurance must for all schengen countries. – The applicant have to visit the VFS.

Turkey Visa – :The Turkey visa applications will be submitted at the visa application center in Hyderabad. In addition to visa application submission Hyderabad Global Visas Services also offer the option of a courier service for the return of your passport directly to your door step. (Documents Required -: photos, passport, work/business proof, hotel booking and other documents.

Dubai Visit Visa -: Dubai Visa Processing Centre Hyderabad –  Its an exclusive facility for GlobalVisasHyderabad.com”s customers as We are the Authorised Agents by Marhaba Danata Visa Services in Hyderabad (Limra Associates a Franchisee of Club 7 Holidays) .

China Visa Services – : HyderabadGlobalVisas.com provides Business Visa for China/Tourist Visa for China). Many travelers  are visiting China for Business purposes or import products from china to resell in the local market.  We are the authorised China Visa Agents in Hyderabad (Documents for obtaining China Visa) Passport, Photos, Bank Statement and other details.

Singapore Visa Services  -: Singapore Visa Assistance in Hyderabad. We will get your visa done in 5 working days. (Documents Require – Confirmed return air ticket with tour itinerary, Original passport, 2 passport size photographs white background with a matte finish & Bank statement reflecting transactions of last 6 months duly attested by a bank official.)

Malaysia Visa -: Hyderabad Global Visas offesr fast & reliable services in obtaining Malaysia visa for tourism purpose. (Visa Requirements – 2 Photos with White Background, Return Air Ticket.)  Single Lady Travelling must provide Working proof (Company HR Letter and ID Card Copy ) Fresh Passports & First time Travelers Youths  should apply along with 6 Months Bank Statement.

Thailand Visa -: Thai visa permits the applicant to visit Thailand for tourism purpose, recreation or to meet family or Friends in Thailand. (Visa Requirements – 2 Photos with White Background, Return Air Ticket & Hotel Voucher.)

Australia Visa Consultants -: The Australian Visa Application Centre VFS in Hyderabad. Australia Embassy issue short term temporary visas  for tourism purpose, or Visit to family or friends  and to conduct business. Immigration to Australia offers the Electronic Travel Authority ETA visa which does not require application forms and visa stamps and it provides a more streamlined route to visiting Australia. Tourists and family members visiting Australia for longer term can request for longer term visa. (Documents and other details require for obtaining the visa)

Canada Visa & Immigration Services -: Canada Visa Assistance and Application Form Submission services by Hyderabad Global Visas Services. (Documents requirement Passport, IT returns, Personal Bank Statement and other proofs needed.

Saudi Arabia Visa Endorsement -: Visit Hyderabad Global Visas for Saudi Visa Endorsement, Work Visa, Family Visa, Children’s Visa. Original Passport (Minimum  6. months validity at the time of Submission) (For Medical categories. From SSLC to till now all the educational and experience certificate should be attested from Saudi Embassy. There should not be a gap, more than 3 months.) Electronic Visa(ELECTRONIC WAKALA must be from Saudi Recruitment Agent) Original Employee Agreement (Attested by Chamber of Commerce & Ministry of External Affairs)
6 photos 4×6 cm white background

South Africa -: Visa Assistance for Tourists Visiting South Africa. (Documents needed for South African Visa Current Valid Passport for six months, Two passport size photograph ,
Covering Letter should be on Original letter Head, Company Leave Certificate by working the company’ 3 years ITR, last six months bank statement Company & Personal, Hotel Booking Confirmation, Ticket Confirmation, Passport photocopy First & last page.

New Zealand -:Application Form Assistance and Visa Submission service by HyderabadGlobalVisas.com For New Zealand. (Documents Needed – Visa Form, Photos Passport size, Camera clicked, latest with white background), Covering letter on company Letter head mentioning the purpose of travel, Invitation letter from New Zealand Company Evidence of Business( Company registration copy, partnership deed, etc), Personal Bank statement of last 6 months Original with bank seal and sign, Company Bank statement of last 6 months Original with bank seal and sign, Personal Income Tax Papers of last 3 years, Company income tax or last 3 year, Return Air Ticket.

HyderabadGlobalVisas.com Offers Daily Visa Submission Services for all countries : We offer same day visa submissions service for the applications which are received in our offices at earliest hours, all the documents should be in order as per the respective Country/Embassy Visa Requirements. We also offer special discounted rates for obtaining visas for Group size of 20 and more person. For Details Please Contact our 24×7 Helpline +919866021265 Our Office Address Hyderabad Global Visas Road No 1 Banjara Hills.